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06 february 2017, 21:13

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Free shipping

Free shipping


When I think about some of the best things a coin company can do for a customer, one of the first things that pops into my head is saving the customer money.


I didn’t realize it until I took a hard look at my coin purchases before discovering the First Coin Company, but I was spending a considerable amount of money on just the shipping costs from the various dealers and sellers I was buying from. It really added up more than I could have imagined before taking a hard look at the actual figures. $4.75 here, $7.50 there, and sometimes even $15.00 or more depending on what coin(s) I purchased and from where they were being shipped. With all the money I was paying the various dealers and sellers I was buying from for the shipping costs, that was money I couldn’t spend on more beautiful coins.  And as a serious modern premium coin collector and enthusiast, there is no crime higher than not adding more wonderful coins to my collection! Honestly though, who really wants less money available to them to spend on the things they enjoy and want? Having to pay for shipping was doing to me exactly what I didn’t want (forcing me to have less money for which to buy more coins with).


That all ended when I started shopping with the First Coin Company because their shipping is always free no matter how small or big my order is. If I decide to buy 20 coins, the First Coin Company gives me free shipping. If I decide to buy 1 coin,  the First Coin Company still gives me free shipping. Many other dealers would charge me (high) shipping costs if I were to place smaller orders which didn’t exceed some seemingly arbitrary value. That means that if I wanted that 1 or 2 coins or if my product total cost didn’t exceed some fairly high amount, either I’d have to pay those steep shipping and handling costs or I’d choose to miss out on owning that coin or two because the cost of the shipping made the cost of the coin cost prohibitive.


With the First Coin Company’s free shipping policy on every order, I never again have to run into that less than desirable (or even dreadful) conundrum.


I am a big fan of free shipping on every order and that’s why I am a huge fan of shopping with the First Coin Company every chance I get.

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